Child care

Child care

Who will be responsible for the baby’s care? Should I quit work?  What if I have twins? There is also the option of putting your child in daycare or crèche. You might be one of the many mums-to-be, who have a mother, mother-in-law or other relatives who are willing to babysit for free. This is fantastic and it takes a load of parents but you should make alternative arrangements to give them time off or put them on a rota to ensure that they still have free time to do their own things. Relatives can get overwhelmed with babysitting without any time off.

If you don’t have a relative who can babysit, now might be a good time to ask your friends about nannies (live-in or day). You will also need to talk your spouse about the possibility of sharing child care responsibilities or even about extending your maternity leave. You may even decide to be a stay-at-home mum.

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